This page will provide an overview of Science Exploration Day along with answers to many of your questions. If your question is not answered, please feel free to contact us!

Is there a limit on the number of students that can attend from a particular school?

Each public or private senior high school in Western New York is eligible to bring up to 30 students. If you would like to bring more than 30 students, you can notify us and we might be able to accommodate you if space is available.

How old must students be to participate in science exploration day?

Students who are presently in senior high school are eligible to participate. Generally, this includes students ranging from 9th to 12th grade.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. There is a $30.00 school registration fee plus a fee of $5.00 per student who registers for the day.

How is payment made?

Please send a check or money order made out to: Niagara Frontier Science Supervisors Association.

How many chaperones are needed to accompany our school?

We ask that you provide at least one adult per every 15 students that attend from your school. These adults will be assigned as "chaperones" to supervise specific seminar sessions as well as provide general supervision for students.

Can students buy lunch at UB?

No, the student will need to bring a bag lunch. The University will be on spring recess and the food court will be closed.

Where will our bus drivers park?

Bus parking will be available in the Governors C lot. The location of this lot can be found on both the North Campus Black and White map and on the UB spine map which are available to download. (link below)

When and where do I check-in with my students?

Check-in will take place in the lobby area of Capen Hall between 8:15 and 9:00 am. This building is within quick walking distance from the bus drop off point on the Hamilton loop. Capen Hall is building number 25 on both the North Campus Black and White map and the UB spine map which are available to download.

When will students find out what sessions they are attending?

Each student will receive a card with their schedule on it. These cards will be found in each teacher's school registration packet and are distributed at the check-in desk.

What do I do if my school needs to leave the Science Exploration Day early?

You must notify the SED committee, mark the appropriate box on the school enrollment form and ask your students to meet you prior to their last session.

Please do NOT have your students leave in the middle of a session. It is very distracting to our presenters.

Where will I meet the bus at the end of the day?

Buses will be lined up along the Hamilton loop ready to meet students at the conclusion of the day's program.

Can you provide a campus map of UB?

Below are maps of UB North campus that can be downloaded.

Natural Sciences Center Map North Campus map North Campus map labeled for SED sites North Campus map labeled for SED sites, Black and white for view and print

Is there a deadline for registration?

Each year the deadline for advance registration is set for early February. If you missed this year's advance registration deadline and are interested in attending next year's event, please e-mail us and we will be sure to include you in next year's notification mailing.