About Science Exploration Day


Each student will hear from the Keynote Speaker and one of several Large Group speakers, then attend two small group sessions or lab tours. Keynote speakers in the past have presented the "state of the art" in topics, such as Forensics, Mars Exploration, and the Cold World of Cryogenics. Many of the presenters are from UB and area colleges and universities, as well as local industries, research laboratories and government agencies. Others are major participants in health care services. These sessions provide excellent up-to-date supplements to the topics that are part of high school science courses. Students have an opportunity to select small group sessions and lab tours from the list provided with registration materials. Our next "Day" occurs on the North Campus of UB, registration at 8:25 am and concluding by 1:05 pm. The date selected is part of the UB mid semester break, so we almost "have the campus to ourselves".